About Us


We have created a line of blankets, scrubs, hospital gowns, and more for times when you need to be reminded to “Stay Encouraged.” Sickness, hospital settings, cancer treatment centers—just the thought of these can make anyone feel sad and discouraged. At Gowns of Encouragement, we make it our mission to surround you with words of encouragement, so you never feel alone! 

We believe—and have seen for ourselves—that through heartache comes encouragement. When we began our company back in 2011, we saw that the power of encouragement during a loved one’s time of need is vital to all parties involved—the patient, the family, and even medical staff. Gowns of Encouragement carries a line of scrubs, shirts, blankets, and more, inscribed with words of encouragement to keep you feeling strong, seen, and able to walk through whatever diagnosis you’re facing! Imagine feeling sad, alone… even hopeless. Then you look down at your warm blanket and see the words in plain print: Stay Encouraged! What a reminder that someone cares for you, and that you aren’t alone! That’s why we do what we do. Gowns of Encouragement creates items that bring hope and encouragement in the midst of difficult times, serving as an early pathway to healing. 

Gowns of Encouragement has something for everyone going through a trying health trial or serving as a support person for a loved one.